Andritz Hydro – Masinga Power Station

“Ezeetec Limited provided a skilled work force, professional tools, equipment and commendable support services during project execution. The duly delivery of these services as well as the high quality even exceeded Andritz Hydro’s expectations”
By: Martin Stenitzer April 19th 2016

Consolidated Power Projects – Kainuk Substation and Transmission Line Project

“Ezeetec’s performance was outstanding and they executed the project within time and within budget despite the extraordinary challenges they faced in the region. The project faced logistical challenges due to the remote location and was constructed amidst violent clashes between the local tribes. The project required extreme and complex security arrangements which Ezeetec managed to facilitate.”
By: Andre Swanpoel February 12th 2016

Siemens SAS Kenya Branch – Suswa 220kV Substation

“Your attention to detail and ability to foresee Siemens’ process and method statements is greatly appreciated especially during times of extreme pressure. In addition, on this particular project the extra hours you worked while maintaining the standard of excellence that is your trademark, greatly contributed to our ability to satisfy our client. Words of appreciation are nice and they are sincere but there are times when actions speak louder than words.”
By: Tony Bikoko 30th May 2015

Shyama Power – Namanga and Konza Substations and Machakos Transmission Line

“Ezeetec Limited are dependable, hardworking and conscientious contractors. Overall, we are please with the performance of Ezeetec, and would not hesitate in recommending them as a company with which to do business”
By: Apar Jain 10th October 2016

Recommendation Letters and Completion Certificates available upon request.